1. How can I order products from the webshop?
How can I order products from the webshop? Making an order from the webshop is easy. Add the desired items to the card and click the Checkout button. We deliver our products exclusively via PostExpress. All orders before 14h will be sent on its way the day of, and you can expect it to arrive the following work day.
2. How can I order products that are out of stock?
If a product you’re interested in is out of stock, understand that Flak Hobby renews its stock every 30-45 days. We let our customers know when we’ve ordered more products by way of notifications on our Facebook page, newsletter, and website. Once you see the notification, you can contact us via email or phone and place your order. Note that you can expect your delivery to arrive within three weeks once the aforementioned ordering period expires. You may order all the products from brands we showcase on our website, as long as the supplier has them in stock at the time of ordering. For example, we prominently highlight Tamiya products. This means you can ask us about the price and availability of ANY Tamiya product, even if it isn’t on our website. This rule applies to all the brands found in our online shop.
3. How can I order new Eduard products?
Eduard releases new products every month. We do our best to always have the newest Eduard products in supply. For that reason, you can order their products (models, resins, etc.) with us between the 1st and 10th of every month, and your order usually arrives by the end of the month. You can order all the products found on Eduard’s website (including Mission Models and non-Eduard products).
4. Can you pay via credit card or check at the brick-and-mortar store?
You can pay at our store using a credit or debit card, but we do not accept checks.
5. What is the difference between AK Real COlors and AMMO MIG paints?
AMMO MIG paints are acrylic and water-based, packed in 17m packages with droppers on the tip. You can dilute them in water or with a special solvent. They work great for brush painting because they aren’t too viscous, even in their undiluted form. They work just as well when airbrushed, but we recommend diluting them for ideal results. We also recommend using primers since water-based paints don’t cling onto plastic surfaces that well. Beyond that, they are non-toxic and are practically scent-free. AK Real Colors are also acrylic, but they’re synthetic, much like Tamiya X, XF Acrylic Lacquer, or the Mr. Color series. They’re packed in 10ml glass bottles. You can dilute them using isopropyl alcohol, Tamiya Lacqer Thinner (yellow cap) and Mr Color Levelling Thinner. These paints work best when airbrushed, and they’re very resistant to tapes, even after a few minutes of drying. Furthermore, AK Real Colors has an armor and airforce paint series that matches national standards. That means you don’t have to mix 15 different paints to get the hue you need, as all the shades you need are readily available. Their quality is on-par with Mr Color, though their scent is even fainter.

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