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Grumman® F-14A Tomcat™ (Late Model) Carrier Launch Set

14.000 рсд


  • Plastična maketa 1/48
  • 2 figure pilota
  • Dekali
  • Maske za poklopac kabine
  • Širok izbor naoružanja
  • Sastavnica + profili u boji u 1/48
  • Podloga – paluba nosača aviona + figura ,,Shootera”

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Ready for Take-Off!
The F-14 Tomcat is a legend of the skies, which served between 1973 and 2006 and – with powerful radar and long-range missiles – was developed for carrier-based units. Its most prolifically produced variant was the F-14A, which itself was given a number of upgrades throughout its production; late F-14As (those produced from the late 1980s) featured a more reliable engine design, and notably, the AN/AXX-1 TCS camera pod, plus the AN/ALQ-126 ECM antenna ahead of the wing gloves. Some even had alterations to the fuselage allowing installation of the TARPS reconnaissance pod. From the early 1990s, the aircraft was capable of mounting bombs on its belly; in conjunction with the AN/AAQ-25 LANTIRN pod, these were laser-guided – the F-14A had evolved into a multi-role fighter. Carrier launches required a steam catapult, to which the aircraft would be harnessed with its nose lowered, variable sweep wing forward, and flaps and slats down. Numerous flight deck crew would be engaged in the launch, including a “Shooter,” who gave the signal for take-off.

About the Model
★This is a 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit. Fuselage length: 398mm, wingspan: 408mm. ★Features dedicated parts to depict a late model F-14A rady for carrier launch, plus a paper flight deck sheet. ★Choose between two types of catapult spreader (shuttle). ★Durable wing spar components ensure secure fit. ★Late model features such as chin pod with camera, antenna and so on are depicted. ★Plenty of accessories are included: standard and laser-guided bombs, reconnaissance camera pod, and air-to-air missiles. ★Parts accurately depict late model ejector seats and instrumentation. ★Comes with 2 crew figures featuring late model standard flight uniform.



1945-1989, Moderno



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Grumman® F-14A Tomcat™ (Late Model) Carrier Launch Set

14.000 рсд